About Glamping Tipis

About Glamping Tipis

After travelling the world we decided to make some big changes in our lives for the better. We started our family in Sussex 2006 and then moved to the Charente, France in 2007. We now have three lovely girls aged 11, 15 and 16. We opened Glamping Tipis in 2013.

On our world tour we stayed at 44 different places which gave us a really good idea of what we love and enjoy.

We wanted to create an exciting alternative family holiday place for adults and kids to enjoy and relax together.

Swimming Lagoon

    • Plenty of activities for the children
    • Good family memories
    • Comfy beds, duvets and linen
    • Private bathrooms
    • Bar, kitchen and eating areas
    • Giant tipis with cosy lighting
    • Tasty food
    • Great aesthetics and atmosphere
  • Plenty of space, starry nights and sunny days

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