Local French Markets

French Markets. Retail therapy à la française.

What with all the hullabaloo surrounding Sunday trading here in France at the moment, it’s interesting to note the importance of the humble French Market. France is, of course, famous for its markets and here in the Cognac region is no exception. Most towns, including our local town of Aigre, have a weekly market where you can buy locally grown fresh produce and also local products like sunflower honey, patês and many other delicious things to eat.

One argument in favour of Sunday trading in France is that the country is in lockdown from Saturday, which means you can’t nip out to buy your essential groceries for a Sunday bbq if you require something last minute. But that seems to ignore the fact that many French towns are a hive of activity on a Sunday morning with, especially when there’s a local market in town.

If you are lucky enough to be here on the 27th of any month the huge market at Rouillac is a must. Dating back to the Roman time, Rouillac is only 15mins away. The “vingt sept” as it is called was once an enormous horse trading fair but now you can buy anything you want from a donkey to a cheese and everything in between. It is a great day out and runs all day so you don’t have to be up at the crack of dawn to enjoy!

Which French Markets to Visit?

In addition to Aigre and Rouillac there are many other markets which are well worth a visit, occurring as they do throughout the week (including Sundays).

The local magazine Sortir has a complete list of all events going on in the area, including markets. We can always supply you with a copy when you are here and send you off in the right direction from Glamping Tipis, but be warned: you will return laden with tasty treats!


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